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Information Technology


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IT Definition

Can be defined as information technology as a set of tools, methodologies, processes and equipment used to collect information, processed and stored, and examples of these tools: coding, programming, storage, retrieval, analysis, and control systems, data conversion, and include information technology: office automation, communications, multimedia, [1] as is the information tool technology in which they can store and process information within the system, as well as they contain everything related to computer, networking, software, web sites, databases, and telecommunications. [2]

IT Jobs

And hundreds of thousands of jobs that fall under the name of information technology is available, and examples of the following: [3]

  • Director: The post of Director of Information Technology from more job applications; Due to the increase in companies that are increasingly dependent on information technology systems, and can IT managers to obtain positions of information officials, as well as supervision of all the technological requirements of the company-wide.
  • Analyst: analyst known as the developer, any person who is designing information systems, and knowledge of how to upgrade the software and how devices work.
  • Engineer: Can software development engineer, testing and implementation of programs and applications in the system, and must have many programming experiences, electronics, and mathematics.

Information Systems

The information systems integrated set of collection and storage of components and the provision of information and knowledge and digital products, also used this system by many companies and organizations in order to assist in the implementation and management of its operations and interaction between customers and competition in the market, and the operations of financial accounts, and the management of human resources, in addition to the use of to access the Internet, used as information systems by various governments in order to provide services for citizens, as well as they are used in the delivery of digital goods, such as: e-books, software, games, social networks, used as information systems by individuals, to connect to networks social networking, banking, shopping, entertainment and others. [4]


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