Is cancer hereditary

Is cancer hereditary


  • 1 cancer 1.1 Is cancer hereditary 1.2 evidence that the cause of the heirs of cancer 1.3 Genetics and skin cancer 1.4 heredity and childhood cancer 1.5 Genetics and Ovarian Cancer
  • 1.1 Is cancer hereditary
  • 1.2 evidence that the cause of the heirs of cancer
  • 1.3 Genetics and skin cancer
  • 1.4 heredity and childhood cancer
  • 1.5 Genetics and Ovarian Cancer
  • 2 Video immune therapy for cancer


Cancer is defined as a group of hostile cells diseases characterized by growth and division is limited, and the spread of these cells to the surrounding healthy tissue and destroy, or move to distant tissues through a process called transport, resulting due to a combination of factors that may be autosomal internal or external acquired, it is possible to treat a good proportion of these cancers in the event of early detection, whether it was surgical, radiological, or chemical treatment processes, and in the following lines of our topic Snarafkm about the relationship of genetics with cancer.

Is cancer hereditary

There are a range of clinical factors or some of the characteristics of the disease, which significantly appear in cases of cancer, genetic, and in the case of availability of one or more family members, then a specialist doctor expects the emergence of hereditary cancer, and factors are as follows:

  • The emergence of the disease in the early age of individuals in the family, as the breast cancer gene appears when the average age of forty-five years, while the disease appears in the genetic condition is only 3%.
  • The emergence of more than one type of cancer in the same patient, in this case be a multi-cancer, and it appears this type in genetic cases by fifty percent, while in the non-genetic cases constitutes only 3% ratio.

Evidence that the cause of the heirs of cancer

Constitute inheritance one important factors that lead to cancer, according to demonstrated by studies and experiments on animals, and there are some families get some disorders and diseases are her chances of injury greater cancer Kazhoaid colon, which pave the way for colon cancer, so we find a large number of family members who have colonic covered these polyps that turn into colon cancer, and this explains that members of this family have cancer genes in their cells.

There are some vital chemical changes emergency on chromosomes that are linked to cancer of injury, and there are individuals develop different types of cancer, which are not linked to the presence of chemical changes, and here comes the role of the gene-bearing factors that cause cancer.

Genetics and skin cancer

Genetics and childhood cancer

There is a relationship between genetic factors and the incidence of child cancer, where scientific experiments proved that the probability of occurrence of cancer in children who have siblings are infected with more than, and more types of children associated with eye cancer that affects the retina and leukemia.

Genetics and ovarian cancer

Genetic factors are closely linked to the women who suffer from ovarian cancer, especially if the sisters have infected with this type or mothers are screened periodically, and it must be noted that it is best to remove the ovary after the end of the period of fertility among women with this type.

Video immune therapy for cancer

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