Learn the art of cooking

Learn the art of cooking


  • 1 the importance of learning the art of cooking
  • 2 basics of the art of cooking
  • 3 cooking skills
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The importance of learning the art of cooking

The skill of cooking are important on more than one level, where many cases require that the individual is aware of this skill, especially for individuals who live alone or those individuals who are preparing to leave the family home, and involves the learning process of cooking and prepare homemade many benefits, covers reduction rate of expenditures, especially with regard to the purchase of fast food, as well as to get healthy meals even more, and would contribute to the weight reduction. [1]

Basics of Culinary Arts

Knowing the basics of the art of cooking the first step in learning this skill, and reminds of the following: [2]

  • Require cooking deliberation process and the lack of urgency, especially when multiple tasks or Taatbt with each other.
  • Careful to get the right tools for use in the cooking process; This makes the process easier.
  • Work on the development and mastery of the skill of using the knife, it is one of the most widely used cooking skills.
  • It occupies the food Tngkeh process of great importance, so it should be given proper attention to ways of spicing and the use of its image components appropriate for it.

Cooking Skills

Range of skills that includes the art of cooking, and some can address them as follows: [3]

  • Boil the eggs: The degree of boiled eggs on what wishes the person, but in general, it is preferable that the use of water at room temperature and start timing him upon arrival to boiling, it counts the amount of 3-5 minutes to get the yolk liquid eggs, or 7 -10 minutes to get strength solid.
  • Cook pasta: Cook pasta appropriately so that the strength of soft and can chew at the same time, and can be achieved by working to boil water that will be used to boil them with the amount of a suitable salt, then put the pasta between 10-12 minutes until cooked, or by its kind.
  • Shi potatoes: can modify some of the steps Shui potatoes to increase the anxiety meal, and that is rubbing Alebats from abroad with little oil and salt in order to give it a lot of Alqurmhh, especially those with thin crust species or white pulp slave.
  • Tomato sauce: preparation is an important tomato sauce rather easy, and sings about buying ready-made sauces, and can also use them as a component is available if you want to prepare various recipes; Where it can be stored in the refrigerator freezer for approximately 3 months, or about the week in the refrigerator.


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