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Lemon benefits


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Is a lemon, which carries the scientific name (Citrus limon) Sun-acid types of fruit, which is considered the third most important crop of citrus after the orange and tangerine. Many scientific research has worked on the study of health effects, which found that it is rich in compounds Phenolic (Phenolic compounds), vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and essential oils and carotenoids, [1] and is therefore considered one of the fruits of important health fruit human. [2] In this article, we will learn about the most important benefits of lemon for human health.

Food Composition Lemon

The following table shows the installation of every 100 g of lemon juice nutrients:

Lemon benefits

Lemon contains many important and useful compounds for human health, such as phenolic compounds (Phenolic compounds) especially flavonoids (Flavonoids), In addition, it contains vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and essential oils and carotenoids, where the health benefits of lemon linked to its content of these substances, especially vitamin c and flavonoids; Due to the effects of antioxidant. [1] In general, the benefits of lemon include the following:

  • Play flavonoid compounds found in citrus fruits role in the fight against cancer, it has been found for some compounds found in lemon role in stimulating the death of cancer cells and preventing their reproduction, in addition to the basic Ziute which also play a role in curbing cancer. [1]
  • Found some flavonoids in lemon antipyretic effects of cholesterol and lipids (fats) and other blood in rats with higher cholesterol diet catalyst. [1]
  • Can citric acid and some other substances found in the lemon plays to raise the rate of burning in the body, reducing the risk of obesity, [1] The pectin found in citrus peel, which is isolated from the lemon peel, [4] increases the feeling of fullness and reduces amounts of food and calorie intake, which contributes to the fight against obesity and weight gain. [5]
  • Pectin existing works in lemon to stimulate the proliferation of intestinal cells, stimulating the work of enzymes, and increase the production of fatty acids short chain in the rectum. [1]
  • Contributes to drinking lemon juice in nutritional therapy for patients Althsa urinary calcium (Calcium urolethiasis) by increasing the volume of urine, which reduces the concentration of calcium salts and others in it, as it can be lifted from the launch jackets, and contributes to drink with a high content of citric acid, such as lemon juice, to reduce the feeling of fatigue, as citric acid and also contributes in the treatment of urinary calcium counts; Since it works as a contraceptive natural crystallization in the urine, [1] and is generally associated with a low level of jackets in the urine increased risk of kidney stones, and indicate some of the scientific evidence that drinking two liters of lemon juice throughout the day can raise the level of jackets in the urine significantly , which can reduce the risk of kidney stones in these people. [6]
  • Holds lemon juice recipes anti-bacterial. [1]
  • It can contribute to Alheispareden (Hesperidin compound) located in the lemon in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (Reumatoid arthritis). [1]
  • Essential oils that are working in the lemon as anti-fungal and bacterial and viral, and is considered Citral (Citral) The main essential oil in the lemon which carries the properties of anti-viral. [1]
  • I found a study of women living with high blood pressure link between eating lemon on a daily basis and lower systolic blood pressure, also found similar results in rats experiments each of lemon extract and lemon peel water. [2]
  • There are some indications that one of the existing chemicals in lemon (Eriodictyol glycoside) has improved the ability to hear and relieve dizziness, nausea and vomiting in people with diabetes Mnaar (Meniere's disease), but this needs to influence more scientific studies. [6]
  • It can contribute to eating lemon to make up part of the vitamin C in cases of scurvy (Scurvy) which is caused by vitamin C deficiency. [6]
  • Many studies indicate the role of each of Naranjin (Naringin) and Narngenan (Naringenin) found in citrus fruits and grapes in the fight against high blood sugar, and hardening of the arteries, reducing the active inflammatory state in the body, fight oxidation and reduced oxidative stress, fight obesity, cholesterol, high blood pressure, in addition to their role in protecting the heart cells and liver. [7]
  • Some studies have found that multiple compounds derived from phenol lemon contribute to curb weight gain and fat accumulation and high lipids (fat) and blood sugar and insulin resistance in obese rats stimulating diet. [7]
  • Lemon to compensate for vitamin C used in cases of cold, but its use in this case is not installed scientifically [8], and despite this prevalence of use and belief and the different research results, it can be said that he found that vitamin C intake as a preventive measure of colds was not effective in reducing the risk of infection, but it reduced the duration and severity of symptoms, while eating after not showing colds effect in reducing the duration or severity of symptoms, only one study has given a large dose of vitamin c, equivalent to 8 g, in the day of the start of symptoms. [9]

Lemon damage

Is lemon eating amounts normally found in the diet is safe, and eating high-dose treatment is safe also, as for the side of the symptoms that result from eating large quantities are not known, and taken in quantities normal is considered safe during periods of pregnancy and lactation, but the effect of therapeutic quantities on him pregnant and breastfeeding is unknown, and therefore must not be exceeded normal quantities taken by them, and in addition to that raise the use of lemon on the outer skin of the chance of burns when exposed to the sun. [6]

Lemon Video Gift Kings

No wonder that the taste of lemon Ripper refreshes your senses, a gift to the kings of it was old:


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