Libra definition

Libra definition

Aware of the towers of modern science that attracts many become people, especially young girls, to build a study and knowledge-based towers and what else our expectations on the movement of the planets for the Sun as well as the movement of the moon with the planets, and on these planets are identified features and attributes of each tower and recipes this is the planet associated with the tower, and towers that will talk about Libra and what distinguishes the most important.


  • 1 general personal Libra
  • 2 Libra and love
  • 3 professions that fit Libra
  • 4 Strengths at Libra
  • 5 Weaknesses at Libra
  • 6 Libra and Independence

General personal Libra

  • Political figure flexible fluent dialogues and Almnuarat excellently and not his character described by some hypocrite knows but when he realizes his character knows that an authentic person who has no limits to his sincerity and idealism as it is balanced and fair, suffers balance of nervousness, bad mood and nature, wind, where tower he does not rest only at the age of puberty and then You can assume responsibility so hard.
  • Think about the balance of moderate and mature way tower, politicians and Mahuarin matters that concern them and volunteer to solve the problems of others and problems without incurring any damage to both parties, they tend to be busy with their problems and the problems of others to reach logical solutions and normal, has Libra sense logically reformist rather than offensive, as they like stability and risk.

Libra and love

Is the second balance most romantic towers after the Taurus Tower, and the reason is due to this big romantic engagement Libra closely linked with the planet Dorry planet Venus crosses the balance about their feelings intelligently tower understand they call the freedom to love even after marriage and love conversations and put Aalagafs beloved golden even after marriage, politicians love and always succeed to reach satisfactory solutions that are suitable for all parties and succeed Libra to create a stable family.

Occupations that fit Libra

Of the best professions are diplomatic, political and consular profession, and then fall into the legal profession and rights issues, and this tower to create charities for young people and working with them and media work.

Strengths at Libra

  • Ideal.
  • Diplomat.
  • Peaceful .
  • Hospitable.
  • Latif.

Weaknesses at Libra

  • It can not be relied upon.
  • Surface.
  • Absurd.
  • Inconclusive .

Libra and Independence

Loves Libra Estiqlal a person social likes family councils and friends, is the happiest people when people around him as this air liking, likes to rely Libra on the other most things mastered Libra the art of relations not only romantic but also social and political, and that is understands someone destination harm others.


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