Lose weight walking

Lose weight walking


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Walking sport

The hiking of physical activities easy, which can start out and continue as part of the lifestyle everyday, they do not require any special skills or expensive equipment and can be done at any time, and in many places, as many studies have shown that walking has many health benefits, as it can help to reduce the risk of injury, [1] It is worth mentioning that the sport walking is physically active well for people who suffer from overweight or older, or people who did not exercise sport for long periods . [2]

For the benefits of this sport you can read an article the benefits of walking an hour a day.

Do you walk useful for weight loss

You can walk to contribute to weight loss, depending on the duration of walking and intensity, in addition to the daily diet, as it can blend between sport or physical activity, change in diet, reducing calorie intake, enhance the weight loss more effectively than exercise Sports alone, as is a physical task to control activities in weight, as it helps to burn calories, [3] It is worth mentioning that people who engage in physical activities more, burn their bodies calories more, so the increase walking can help to increase the burning of calories, and can reduce the risk of many health problems, and supports calorie burning on several factors, including sex and weight, and can walk leads to a distance of 160 kilometers to burn about 100 calories. [4]

Can walk other sports and exercise contribute to maintaining muscle when weight loss, as usually people lose muscle as well as body fat, as a result of Tkulailhm calories, losing weight, it is the metabolism of the muscles more active compared to the operations of fat metabolism and may therefore contribute to walking in reduce the low rate of metabolism that occurs when losing weight, making it easier to lose weight. [4]

And contribute to the practice of aerobic exercise regularly, including walking in maintaining weight loss, it also helps to increase the amount of energy burned by the body per day, and build more lean muscle, and thus burn more calories even at rest, [4] as indicated review published in Lakartidningen magazine in 2015, to walk for 150 minutes a week maintains the stability of the weight and stability, [5] in addition, it is possible to benefit the walking of people with obesity, as, according to a study published in PLOS ONE magazine in 2015 that exercises sports such as brisk walking for 15 minutes, reducing the cravings to eat snacks rich in sugars. [6]

To find out more information about the benefits of walking in the burning of calories you can read an article sport walking and calories.

Length suitable for walking to lose weight

You can start fast walking for 30 to 90 minutes most days of the week for weight loss, it can be divided into time on weekdays, and walk some days more than others, but that is equivalent to the total time spent walking approximately 150 minutes per week, at least, equivalent to two and half hours a week, [7] also recommends that physical activity guidelines to walk 60 minutes of moderate walking to the extreme most days of the week, as the exercise of walking light intensity is not enough to lose weight or avoid increased, [8] In addition to it fast enough must walk to reach the person to the maximum heart rate, including 60% to 70%, and breathing more difficult than usual, so that person can speak long phrases but could not sing. [7]


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