Maintain the integrity and cleanliness of the atmosphere

Maintain the integrity and cleanliness of the atmosphere


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  • 2 special tips household uses
  • 3 Tips General to maintain the cleanliness of the atmosphere
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Special tips by means of transport

Helps the proper use of the means of transport in maintaining the cleanliness of the atmosphere and protect it from pollution, and this is by following the following: [1]

  • The use of means of transportation environmentally friendly; Caldrjat aerobics, or walking on the older, or replace the car by means of collective transport.
  • Carry out the tasks at once in order to avoid a number of times in which the use of the car.
  • Make sure that your car tires properly inflated.
  • Take the necessary preventive measures to maintain the safety of the car and boat engines, and avoid the use of engines that are issued smoke.
  • Follow the necessary instructions when filling gasoline in the vehicle for Aasamah steam to operate with high efficiency.
  • Make sure not to fuel leakage from the tank and the vehicle seal safety cover.

Special Tips household uses

Can follow some home tips in order to maintain the cleanliness of the atmosphere, which is as follows: [2]

  • Not to burn waste in the litter box outside; Like plastic batteries, because it emits about 40 times the amount of toxins and contaminants allowed.
  • Use of spray pumps instead of products with spray aerosol products; Because aerosol causes the waste of a large amount of the product also causes the spread in the air instead of the place where to be sprayed, and include products containing aerosols each of deodorants, soap and shaving gel.
  • Provide customized care garden refueling machines carefully, because the spillage of fuel during the hot summer days can cause the emission of irritating gases of the lungs and form smog, and can be avoided through the use of repression when filling machines with fuel, and close lids tightly, and save them in a place far from the sun's heat direct.
  • Examination of domestic heating system and maintenance, where screening is required and maintenance of heating systems that operate with oil annually, and maintenance of heating systems that operate with gas every three years, and helps to reduce the amount of particulate matter and carbon monoxide gas emitted life and increase.

General tips to keep clean atmosphere

There are some general tips that contributes to follow in maintaining the cleanliness of the atmosphere and safety, are as follows: [3]

  • Energy conservation by turning off the lights, electrical and electronic appliances in the absence of the need to use them.
  • Use light bulbs that operate on energy-saving.
  • Participate in energy conservation held in the local area programs.
  • The use of electrical equipment dedicated to the care and hand-powered.
  • The use of cleaning products environmentally friendly.
  • Use paints with water base and solvent-free, and the use of products that contain low levels of volatile organic compounds (in English: VOC).


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