Maintaining the atmosphere

Maintaining the atmosphere


  • 1 to maintain the atmosphere outside the home
  • 2 to maintain the atmosphere inside the house
  • 3 the importance of the atmosphere
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Maintain the atmosphere outside the home

Can maintain the atmosphere during the presence outside of the house by following the following tips: [1]

  • Rationalization of the use of the car to reduce emissions that pollute the air, through the use of public transport, or bike, or walking.
  • The use of cars that run on the new diesel (in English: ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel), because it is more efficient by 35% of the cars that run on gasoline, they are also less polluting cars types of air for the low carbon they release ratio.
  • Driving by intelligently accomplish several tasks in one trip, and commitment to the speed limit, and not too much downtime while driving.
  • Do not fill the tank completely fuel, leaving space in the tank so that the emissions system works properly.
  • Fill the car with fuel during the summer periods when low temperatures, Kfterat sunrise and sunset to reduce emissions that cause ozone to be harmful gas.

Maintaining the atmosphere inside the house

Can maintain clean air and the atmosphere during the presence inside the house by following the following tips: [2]

  • Safe use of the types of paint that does not pollute the environment.
  • Compliance with the instructions of the manufacturer of cleaning products, and close tightly to reduce smog that are polluting the air when evaporation.
  • Rationalization of electric power consumption, and careful selection of appliances that carry the Energy Star "Energy Star", which indicates that the devices are applied standards of energy efficiency.
  • The use of heaters and stoves that run on gas instead of wood, and you want to use heaters that work on the wood species that are recommended to purchase specifications comply with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Not over-fill fuel tank, because the spilled material launches hydrocarbons and other toxic chemicals in the air.
  • Refrain from burning green waste because the burning of pollutants released.

The importance of the atmosphere

The atmosphere is composed of a group of gases that make the land suitable place to live, and the most important functions of the atmosphere as follows: [3]

  • It helps to distribute the heat on the ground during the day, and prevents energy reflection so that the temperature does not go down too much during the night.
  • It prevents the arrival of harmful rays to the surface of the Earth.
  • It protects the Earth from meteors hitting the Earth constantly, Aahtmha before reaching the Earth's surface.
  • It helps water cycle is complete in nature, which helps to provide liquid water down on the ground.


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