Manifestations of soil pollution

Manifestations of soil pollution


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  • 2 soil pollution 2.1 aspects of soil pollution 2.2 causes of soil pollution 2.3 damage to soil pollution
  • 2.1 aspects of soil pollution
  • 2.2 causes of soil pollution
  • 2.3 damage to soil pollution

the soil

Soil is a source of good things where the plant grows and draws what it needs from the water and some salts by roots that extend distances varying down Stahhah and fruits, as the soil Betbit plant to grow vertically, and adopt some organisms live them as a type of housing and protection, divided soil types primarily to: sandy soil and clay, and loam, and the advantage of the characteristics of each type are different from each other because of the nature of the material formed by them and the conditions of formation.

Soil pollution

As a result of some natural and human-induced factors exposed soil pollution by changing some natural or chemical or physical properties which make them unsuitable for use in most cases, and carries with it some damage to humans and objects of various living.

Manifestations of soil pollution

  • Physical: where the soil is building a change, the composition of the pollution layer is a window to the roots of plants, affecting their growth, as well as the impact on the water exchange overload.
  • Chemical pollution: This includes changing the pH significantly and extreme, and change the salinity of the soil, making it unsuitable for agriculture, and the occurrence of chemical weathering of clay minerals, and contain heavy metals, and the lack of oxygen.
  • Bio-pollution: includes low numbers of animals that live in the soil, and the presence of materials and elements that cause disease.

The causes of soil contamination

  • Excessive use of irrigation water and poor sanitation, leading to water and increase the proportion of salts and the proportion of toxicity as a result of soil saturation deposition of some ions, such as sodium, boron, and chloride.
  • Sand encroachment and moving from their places to agricultural land, leading to the phenomenon of desertification.
  • The arrival of pollutants from their places assembled in the surrounding or moving with flood water and groundwater environment.
  • Use of pesticides and chemicals excessively.
  • Pollution by radioactive substances or heavy metals or materials that are deposited from the air, where these substances move through plants deposited in the human body.
  • Urban sprawl and logging.
  • Some species of living organisms.

Damage to soil pollution

  • Sharp decline in the availability of food that human needs in his life, as the plant depends on human and depends on the plant in the diet directly and indirectly.
  • The extinction of some species of plants and animals, where they may be damaged fish stocks and bird migration beneficial and causing damage to the people of coral prepared by some species of fish wealth is home to them.
  • Increased parasites, bacteria and pathogens that are transmitted to humans and cause him to diseases and health problems.
  • Water contamination of groundwater upon which the human drink.


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