Meals increase length

Meals increase length


  • 1 Height
  • 2 Meals increase length 2.1 Milk 2.2 vegetables and fruits 2.3 Meat 2.4 grains and starches 2.5 eggs 2.6 Calcium Reef
  • 2.1 Milk
  • 2.2 vegetables and fruits
  • 2.3 Meat
  • 2.4 grains and starches
  • 2.5 eggs
  • 2.6 Calcium Reef


Height is, a sign of beauty marks, and an essential complement to the attractiveness and elegance, whether male or female, knowing that the average height for girls, different from the average height for men.

So cares about parents, to be the height of their children within normal levels, although the height has many factors that affect it, especially the factor of genetic and genetic, which have the greatest impact in the length of a person, but it is possible to minimize the impact of this factor as much as possible, and compensation by other factors reverse, increase the length of stature, such as the practice of some exercise prescribed specifically to increase the length, or by eating certain types of food, which contains important elements necessary to increase the length.

Meals increase length

There can lead cuisine to increase the length as follows:

Milk and dairy products

Calcium is Iatburanasr most important to increase the length element, you need bone growth and restoration, it is known that more varieties of food that provide the body with calcium are milk and dairy products, where dairy products contain important protein to build bones, and the construction of the connective tissue of the work of the skeleton, so it is advisable to focus milk, yogurt, cheese and yogurt, which provide the body with all the important elements to increase the length, in addition to contain vitamin a, vitamin b, vitamin e, and vitamin d.

Vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables play an important role in increasing the length of the body, because they contain a high percentage of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, dietary fiber, vitamins important for bone growth, especially vitamin C, it also supports necessary for the growth of skeletal tissue growth, especially papaya, mango, cantaloupe, watermelon, tomatoes, and potatoes.


Is the meat of all kinds, whether red meat as meat cows, sheep, or as meat white meat chicken, fish or seafood and meat, they are all rich in protein important mineral elements for bone growth and re-restored, especially calcium, potassium, and phosphorus.

Grains and starches

Considered grains and starches, the main source of energy production in the body, the largest dietary source of vitamin B provides, dietary fiber, and many of the metallic elements, such as iron, selenium, and magnesium, so it is ingested is very important to help the body to the process of bone building, and accelerate their growth, especially wheat, corn, oats, and soybeans.


Eggs very important source of proteins, calcium, and vitamin B, and these are the most important needed for bone growth and health elements, increase the length of the body, and must eat up to six eggs a week.

Calcium Reef

This type of calcium found in marine coral reefs, and contributes to increased bone density, increased mass, which is one of the most substances that increase the length, and must be entered in the children's diet at an early age.


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