Means home heating

Means home heating


  • 1 means of heating and cooling
  • 2 of the development of heating and cooling
  • 3 means home heating
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Means of heating and cooling

Ball areas of the earth in terms of temperatures vary with, and as the human is able to adapt to all environments that exist where, innovation has managed many of the tools that help him warm places of living if the temperatures where low, and cooled if high. [1]

The development of means of heating and cooling

Evolved means of heating and cooling with time, has been able to move to advanced levels after the technological revolution, and the discovery of oil, and electricity, which helped to meet human needs, and enable it to be present in more environments difficult in terms of climate and temperatures, we will in this article is the most prominent media heating used by the human which is still used to adapt to environments, cold climates. [2]

Means home heating

Means of home heating: [3]

  • Heaters, firewood: This is the means by means of old heating, but it is still used to this day, but by some people, especially those who suffer from difficult living conditions to the extent that they can not where to buy fuel, and some people may use this type of media heating to decorate the rooms of the house, especially since its creators Atvnon in beautified this has been made of these old heaters of stones.
  • Brazier: Alkuanin usually made of different metals, some Alkuanin are made of iron, and some of the other copper; It is sometimes the last decorate these beautiful inscriptions, and this way many of the caveats that should be sensitive to them; Fear of bottlenecks, or burnings that damage may occur ominous; Due to its reliance on coal burning, and the flames.
  • Metal heaters: These heaters are made in factories; So that different forms and sizes, and colors, and efficiency depend on fuel these heaters; Especially gas, kerosene, and also provide safety means to help protect against the risks that may result from them, and there are some kinds of metal heaters that rely on electricity transmission in the heat; Where these heaters are considered the most secure, but at the same time is the highest cost.
  • Central heating: This is the way of the best types of heating methods, the most quality; Depending on where the generation of heat for a building full of a particular central place, and then distribute them to all throughout the property, and its rooms.
  • Heating powered solar: I started this heating method to grow recently, due to the alert of nations and communities to the dangers of traditional energy sources, and the use of heating energy for solar heating of buildings of all kinds, through equipment, special equipment compatible with this use, which works ultimately heat pump in places intended to be heated depending on the solar clean energy, low-cost.


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