Method of cleaning the house as soon as possible

Method of cleaning the house as soon as possible


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House cleaning

Many women suffer during the house cleaning of time constraints, and the inability to clean up the house quickly, especially in the case of the work of Ms. outside the house, but the house cleaning is not difficult and very arduous tasks, you can find some solutions, and to develop a specific program to measure things work home quickly without losing a lot of time. [1]

Clean the house quickly

To clean up the house quickly Follow the following: [2]

  • Open all windows home to change room air and fresh air to enter.
  • Start to clean the bedrooms family order and change the bed linen, collect soiled clothes and put them in the washing machine, arrange clean clothes in the closet, wipe the dust accumulated on the curtains, doors and mirrors, preferably dust cleared from the top down without the use of water, and can use little water in the case of a stains on the simple furniture, and each tool is returned to its place, scanning mirrors using polished paper and newspapers, cleaning the ground vacuumed well, it is possible to collect children's toys in a small box to avoid dispersal everywhere.
  • Cleaning the living room to re everything into place, arrange cushions callus, wipe dust, sweep the floor, it is possible to prepare a mixture in advance the minutes of added water to a little Albekeanj soda and sprayed into the air in all directions, helps Albekeanj soda to get rid of odors and dust .
  • Clean the kitchen washing utensils soiled well and dried, and can be used washing dishes to make it easier, scanning marble Palmlma well, wipe the kitchen table and oven, and can be used as a piece of sponge or clean cloth to remove stains, as well as to clean up the ground to get rid of spots, waste collection and remove them out of the house.
  • Clean the bathroom, you can start to clean the shower from the remnants of shampoo basin, get rid of the accumulated dirt, cleaning the toilet brush special, ovarian workshops in the bathroom and leave it for a quarter of an hour, or it can be a combination preparation consists of equal lemon juice, vinegar, cleanser amounts, liquid soap, mix workshops in the bathroom and bathtub to note the difference, cleaning and ground Palmakm freshener and clear mirrors, and disposal of the waste basket bag.
  • Spray air freshener in the house to make a distinctive smell, it is possible to ignite incense or musk spray in the corners of the house, and so will be finished cleaning the house quickly, preferably always careful to arrange everything go for lack of accumulation of household chores and make it easier, and get used to house members of the permanent preservation on the house and arranged cleanliness; Such as take off shoes outside the house, and put them in the wheel shoes.

Tips to get clean home all the time

For House Nzib the following tips receptive: [3]

  • Always use the method of work from the top down, and from right to left.
  • Always maintain a glass cleaning continuously, bathtub.
  • Use the toilet brush to keep your toilet is always clean, and my tissue paper and disinfectant near the toilet.
  • Use the dishwasher where help ease a lot of fatigue you, helping you to reduce the time of cleaning the house.
  • Put waste baskets in every room in the house.
  • Use duster dust that reduce a lot of burden when you clean the dust.


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