Method of operation of the electric furnace

Method of operation of the electric furnace


  • 1 lose the oven
  • 2 pre-heating furnace
  • 3 Temperature
  • 4 Run the oven
  • 5 put food inside the oven
  • 6 Adjust the temporary recommended time
  • 7 References

Lose the oven

You must open the oven and make sure that it is free of any tools minor, such as: trays of bread or other utensils that must be taken out, you can also rearrange the shelves levels if needed, most of the time are the shelves placed in the center of the oven, but sometimes necessitates the development of the dish at the level of higher than the shelf, and this can take out the rack and reset. [1]

Pre-heating oven

Preferably heating electric furnace before you start preparing the recipe, because electric furnaces need 10-15 minutes to reach the proper temperature, and in case the need for more than fifteen minutes to prepare the recipe, you can run the oven in the middle of preparing for the meal, [1] must also put pressure on Ring furnace located in the control panel button. for example, you can put pressure on the bread (in English: bake), or grill (in English: broil), or thermal transfer (in English: Convection), and others. [2]


You must press the top button (in English: Up), or less (in English: Down), or pressure on the quotation + and - to determine the appropriate temperature, but in case the oven contains a numeric keypad, you can enter the temperature required using the panel keys. [2]

Run the oven

You must press the Start button (in English: Start) to start the heating cycle, the oven will be issued where a voice is heard after up to the desired temperature. [2]

Put the food inside the oven

Can after the arrival of the oven to the temperature required to enter the food in the oven and bake until the left by the recipe, making sure to close the oven door well unless the recipe states to the contrary, as you should not open the oven door and close it frequently; So as to prevent heat leakage internal which will lead to longer periods of maturity. [1]

Adjust the temporary recommended time

Preferably after the dish placed in the electric furnace temporary adjust according to the recommended time by the recipe, if the recommended time by 18 to 22 minutes you should choose at least always time, because it is easy to add more time to the recipe is cooked well, while time overload leads to combustion dish due to the high temperature. [3]


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