Methods of preservation of the environment in Islam

Methods of preservation of the environment in Islam

The Islamic Religion

Islamic religion came in line for life experienced by the Muslim man; Islam is not limited to the teachings and guidance in the field of judgments and religious teachings, but the first great attention to the natural surroundings in which they live human; The environment is the place where human Yahya and surrounded by air, water, earth and nature; The Muslim conclusion we keep these things they are not the property of one of the people even allow himself to wreak where corruption wastefully, waste, and pollution-year-old but is the property of all people, Muslims and non-Muslims.

Share with human beings living in the components of the environment, has been stated in the Hadith: "do no harm", and the main reason in the necessity of human concern for the environment and preserve it trusted them from God; Man Khalifa God in the land where it is the duty of reconstruction and preservation of natural and non-natural capabilities.

Methods of preservation of the environment in Islam

  • Islam forbade sitting on the side of the roads, because of the inconvenience to passers-by, in addition to the long sit Azbbh from eating and drinking in the streets and the dumping of waste in a place to sit, and this is also seen in parks and public gardens; So from the ranks of faith remove harm and dirt and dirt off the road; They are Mjelbh diseases and collected insects that transmit the infection from one place to another.
  • Islam is to preserve water resources and wasteful water consumption when bathing and ablution and purity; Forbade wasteful use of water even if you live on the edge of a running river.
  • Islam urged to work in agriculture and afforestation; Thus increasing the green areas that work on the provision of clean air and reduce the temperature and moisturizing the air; It was directed from the planting and planting even if the clock.
  • Islam encouraged to revive and reclaim the land Albor- left Almuat- of non-agriculture; Because of the bear life in the land and reconstruction and it is a reason to eat human, animal and bird of them rather than to be a breeding ground for harmful insects and snakes and other to the detriment of human beings.
  • Scar Islam all Muslims to make the cleanliness of the title of a Muslim man in his house and dressed and the environment; Forbade spitting in mosques and roads, and littering the streets and in front of the houses because that is similar to the Jews and Christians.
  • Denounced Islam contaminating water with urine or feces, and is measured by what it does at present from contaminating the water residues factories and laboratories of chemicals that are harmful to aquatic life.


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