Methods of prevention and treatment of cancer

Methods of prevention and treatment of cancer


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Spread at this time, many different diseases, whether simple or complex, and one of the most complex diseases or health problems prevalent is cancer, which is a group of malignant tumors in most parts of the body; Such as cancers of the breast, leukemia, stomach cancer and many others; In order to avoid the risk of such serious diseases, most of which lead to death, it is necessary to identify the steps that can be followed to prevent injury, and knowing how to treat such diseases. [1]

Prevention of cancer

It produces cancer is usually a disease of bad habits followed by the injured, and lead them away to avoid getting different cancers, and the most important of these steps include: [2]

  • Diagnosis, through a set of regular check-ups every few months, so as to be inclusive of all parts of the body; Because early detection of any health problem to be part of the treatment.
  • Stop smoking, because it contains a group of carcinogenic substances that destroy a large number of cells of the body, in addition to alcohol.
  • Take the necessary measures to protect from the sun's rays and specifically harmful; Because over-exposure increases the likelihood of skin cancer, you put sunscreen before going out in the daytime, and try to avoid them as much as possible when the afternoon hours.
  • Attention to weight and avoid getting obese, and this is done by taking into account food intake as well as careful manner Mtnizh each period of weight measurement.
  • A healthy diet, so that it contains the necessary nutrients for a healthy body and carrying out vital functions, namely fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Stay away from eating junk food, which contain large amounts of fats and sugars and preservatives.
  • Exercise aerobic exercise regularly, and continue the movement and physical activity, even if the simple exercises such as walking for half an hour a day, for example.
  • Follow the basic rules in maintaining personal hygiene, such as washing hands after coming out of the bathroom and before and after eating well with soap and water, in addition to everything related to other parts of the body and the use of scented materials and lye.
  • Premium care enough to take comfort; Because fatigue and stress cause weakness in the immune system, and thus the risk of developing various diseases of cancer.

Treatment of cancer

In general the treatment of cancer diseases, a range of different means, so choose the means to build on the quality of the disease, the most common treatments are depends on surgical operations and in which the eradication of the tumor, or radiation therapy in addition to chemical treatments, but for the treatment of cancers that are detected early, are the use of the former means the same, but the possibility of greater healing here; Because early detection helps not to develop and doubled the health situation worsen, a certain tumor such as the spread throughout the body. [3]

Video developments in the treatment of cancer

Watch the video to learn more about developments in the treatment of cancer:


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