Methods of purification of contaminated water

Methods of purification of contaminated water


  • 1 Water Purification
  • 2 methods of water purification 2.1 traditional ways 2.2 modern methods
  • 2.1 traditional ways
  • 2.2 modern methods

Water Purification

Water without doubt the most important component of the components of life, which is what made him God every living thing as mentioned us in a tight book, several of them and their sources of groundwater, including surface, but even become unfit for human consumption must be purified and rid it of impurities and bacteria harmful to human health the cause of many diseases, especially if the end of them drinking, scientists have created multiple ways to purify water Snzla in this article.

Methods of water purification

Traditional methods

  • Seething: a traditional way to purify water to make it suitable for therapeutic purposes or personal, where they are raising the water temperature by heat source to boil and leave for a degree to be killing the bacteria and germs in them, fit this method few quantities of water.
  • Chlorine: It is one of the most roads safer and common water purification and disinfected, where is added ratio between 0.1 and 1.0 ppm of chlorine depending on the degree of contamination in any form of gaseous, liquid or solid forms, and one of the most roads used to be effective in the treatment and its extension to reach distribution networks, water tanks, pipes, and also prevents water pollution again and the growth of contaminants, such as bacteria and algae.

Modern roads

  • Ozone gas: is a chemical highly antioxidant alternative appeared chlorine that appeared side human health effects, as linked by some experts to cancer, it has gas proved ozone ability of large water purification to use the correct proportions without an increase or decrease, where the increase is working in the proportion of to chemical reactions with some vehicles, and water is purified by it by filling special tanks contaminated water and passed mechanically by filters for water mixed with ozone gas, which analyzes the pollutants present in the water to the primary elements lever ratios of oxygen to make it safe to drink.
  • UV: It is a modern technique proved effective in eliminating bacteria and contaminated objects in the water and that are resistant to chemical disinfectants, where water is exposed in Kaznat or special stone to UV rays without touching to spend on each object bacterial DNA, or water is passed within the ultraviolet tubes.
  • Ultrasound: dubbed this technique technology environmentally friendly water purification, so do not leave any harmful to the environment side effects, and the water is purified by which by transmitting ultrasonic waves on water frequencies high exceeds the ability of human hearing lead to the killing of large proportions of bacterial organisms contaminated water .


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