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Mix Weight Loss


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Many people suffer from overweight and obesity, and dreams of all of them to get rid of this excess weight easy ways, simple and fast, some turn to consult a nutritionist, and the work of proper diets and exercise, while others resort to extreme diets that rely on deprivation, or herbal mixtures medicines, any weight loss options is the right choice?

The principles of weight loss

Weight loss depends on people who are not infected with diseases or disorders that can affect the body weight on a clear principle, which is that calorie intake should be less calories than the body burned daily, so that we force the body to resort to the stock of fat tissue to edit the lost energy from the diet, and in order to get to that we must either reduce the number of daily calorie intake, or raise the level of calories by the body burning by increasing physical activity in sport, or both.

You can get weight loss by modifying the wrong behaviors in lifestyle gradually, [1] and be the most successful ways of losing weight are those that combine these steps together and adopt a small gradual changes in lifestyle, and lead to weight loss medium, and set realistic goals and logical , where it is always more successful than difficult diets that result in loss of significant weight in the beginning, [2] There is nothing wrong with the help of some herbal mixtures used in the home, which rely on herbs scientific studies have proven its role in contributing to the loss of weight.

Mix supports Weight Loss

In this part we will mention some of the herbs available in the home which can help weight loss:

  • Green Tea: Modern scientific studies support the role of green tea in increasing the burning of calories needed to lose fat from the body, and found studies on experimental animals, the ability of green tea to raise the burning of calories by 28% to 77% depending on the dose. [3]
  • Ginger: Some studies have found the role of ginger in the fight against obesity, weight loss, and reduce the accumulation of fat in the body. [4], [5]
  • Cummins: I found some scientific studies role of latency in weight loss, where one study found that eating 3 grams of cumin with twice milk a day (with meals) for 3 months following the loss of guidance weight working on weight loss, waist circumference, body mass index, The fat mass and percentage, in addition to lowering total cholesterol and bad cholesterol (LDL), and triglycerides, and raise good cholesterol (HDL) greater levels than those produced by following the instructions for weight loss without eating cumin, [6] In another study found that eating oil capsules Cummins produced a similar weight loss drug Alourlistadt 120. [7]
  • Sagebrush: Sagebrush play a role in the loss of body weight, and prevent the accumulation of fat. [8]


  • Can eat any of the previous herbal tea separately, or a mixture of them work in small quantities (1 g of ginger, [5] green tea bag available in the shops, [9] 5 g of sage leaves, cumin 300-600 mg of [ 9]) in 250 ml of boiling water to brew tea, herbs soak these are minutes in boiling water, then drink it, you can eat this drink once to twice daily, [9] with a healthy diet and exercise. [9]
  • You should not start taking any treatment herbal before consulting a doctor, as the natural herbs does not necessarily mean it is safe and high Bjratha or therapeutic, and may conflict with certain health conditions, or interact with some medications, so you must take caution and consult a specialist doctor .


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