Mm consists of English gypsum, salt, washing soda

Mm consists of English gypsum, salt, washing soda


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Gypsum components

Gypsum is made (in English: Gypsum) of wet calcium sulfate [Ca (SO4) 2H2O]; Usually gypsum Baltkon begins when the melt of calcium sulfate in salt water, after the water evaporates concentrated amounts of calcium sulfate precipitate is composed of gypsum and gypsum is a very fine white metal degree can the fingernail scratched, which is one of the most widely used metal in the world; Where the state contain 90 to extract gypsum mines, these countries produce more than 100 million tons of gypsum annually, gypsum is used in construction, fertilizer, glass industry and others. [1]

English salt components

English salt (composed in English: Epsom Salt), which called magnesium sulfate sulfur, magnesium, oxygen, which is a chemical compound found in England, which is completely different from the food as it is very bitter and the taste is unpalatable salt, and old used English salt to treat several diseases such as fibromyalgia, constipation, insomnia, it is useful health because it contains magnesium, may be dissolved in the bath water to absorb the skin and gets sulfur and magnesium, or put it on the skin for beauty, or oral administration to soften the stomach. [2]

Washing soda components

Washing soda (made up in English: washing soda) or as they are called soda ash from sodium carbonate, a second nature consists in arid places are located in Altronaa ore, and the most important their uses chemical production, refining aluminum, glass industry, paper industry, the industry of soap, detergents and other It works to remove stains and debris, and used to increase the alkaline water swimming pools; To maintain a balance (ph), and should be aware that the washing soda may cause irritation of the skin, eyes and respiratory system, which is suitable for oral intake, as they are easily soluble in water. [3]


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