Mm electric motor consists

Mm electric motor consists


  • 1 electric engine components
  • 2 types of electric motors 2.1 Engine colorless Almesfrat with AC 2.2 engine Mesfrat with DC power 2.3 engine colorless Almesfrat with a constant current 2.4 Direct engine power
  • 2.1 Engine colorless Almesfrat with AC
  • 2.2 engine Mesfrat with DC power
  • 2.3 engine colorless Almesfrat with a constant current
  • 2.4 Direct engine power
  • 3 definition of electric motor
  • 4 References

Electric motor components

The electric motor consists of many parts to give it the ability to transform the electromagnetic field into mechanical energy, where electric motors sizes and different where some functions are available which are strong enough to run the whole vehicles and some of which do not exceed its capacity for the operation of some small electronic machines, and the most distinguishing feature electric motors is a lack of component parts compared to reciprocating engines, for example, the following mention the main component parts of the electric motor: [1]

  • The outer structure which contains all the electrical components of the engine.
  • The axis of rotation, which in turn take the other rotational motion of the engine to move the associated mechanical tool outside of the electric motor.
  • Fixed station in the engine responsible for generating the magnetic field of the electric motor, and that the term is usually a permanent magnet or an electric magnet temporary includes a solenoid of copper wires.
  • Reflector voltage is installed next to the fixed station.
  • Alvhamat that connects the electrical circuit is complete, the work of the contact with the fixed station.
  • Suspenders located at the tip of the electric motor, which comes out of it the axis of rotation which allows him to rotate the lowest rate of friction and prevent any vibrations Gurmergob them.
  • Shield, which sits in the middle of the electric motor to convey the power of the magnetic field interacting with the product of torque and power mechanically rotational axis of rotation.
  • Sagittarius installer and connected with the outer engine structure on the one hand out to the axis of rotation gives more of the installation of the engine and the amount of securing greater safety for him and its users.

Types of electric motors

Multiple types of electric motors differ in terms of the task that draws them according to the movement system of the existing type in the project plan, where necessary compatibility between the electric motor and the nature of the movement to reach the goal of the planned project, and the most prominent types of electric motors mention the following: [2]

Engine colorless Almesfrat with AC

(English: AC Brushless Motors) This type of the most common electric motors which depends on the principle of his work on electromagnetic induction, where there is a permanent magnet in his heart magnetism.

Mesfrat engine with DC power

(English: DC Brushed Motors) in this type of electric motors are fixed Alvhamat U-turn around the station to determine the direction of the power supply, and in this type is considered the most important parts of the shield in its design.

Engine colorless Almesfrat with a constant current

(English: DC Brushless Motors) was created this kind of get a very high efficiency in a small operating area compared to the previous type, and inside there is a self-control system.

Direct engine power

(English: Direct Drive) is an electric motor with a highly efficient and easy maintenance serve for a long time as well as large property acceleration.

Definition of the electric motor

The electric motor is defined as a device used to convert electrical energy into mechanical kinetic energy in the rotational body, as part of moving in a circular motion called axis and the standing is called Balthabt, [3] words and the other the current engines AC electrical use secondary magnetic coil, the primary energy delivery to the AC power (or directly to the generator) is activated, then the secondary receives energy from the primary without touching them directly, and is done using complex phenomena known as induction. [4]


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