Modern State

Modern State

Modern State

The modern state or as they are called (Egyptian empire) in the history of ancient Egypt, specifically during the period between the sixteenth and atheist ten BC.

Covering the period of the modern Egyptian state captor eighteenth and nineteenth and twentieth of the ancient Egyptian dynasties, left the second period and the third argument, and months of Ramses II kings.

Ruling families in the state

Ahmose was the last kings of the family seventeen, and the first kings of the family of eighteen, which is considered one of the most famous Egyptian families who ruled Egypt at all.

The first Ahmose established a new era called the name of (the era of the modern state), the family Nineteenth Minister (Ramses I was founded) after being chosen by King Horemheb his successor to the throne.

Became famous Nineteenth Dynasty after the military victories in the Levant, as well as the rich and wonderful heritage left behind in the field of literature and architecture, in the arts of war and fighting and leadership battles. He Setnakhte founded the Twentieth Dynasty, which was the most important and most famous kings of Ramses III, who completed the march of Ramses II in his reign, and he followed him.

The extreme in ancient Egypt in the third reign of Thutmose, even the Euphrates River and Libya, and to the Fourth Cataract (Fourth Cataract) in the south, and other words that the Egyptian state has reached the summit peak in the family rule of the nineteenth and specifically in the second Ramses rule nicknamed Bkabar, where he sought to regain territories that were governed by the family eighteen years in the Levant, reaching recovery campaigns culminated in the battle of Kadesh, which took place during the reign of Ramses II.

Modern Army State

King returned Ahmose first to his country in one thousand five hundred and seventy-one before Christmas after spending the revolutions of the Nubian caught in the south and expelled the Hyksos, and upon his return pouring the bulk of his interest in the establishment of a structured army, and the duration of all types of weapons that were known at that time, in addition to providing it drive war.

Considered wars led by Ramses II, another effort by the own account the kings of this state in order to maintain unity, as it has been able to end _khasomath with the king of the Hittites by signing a treaty providing for non-aggression between one of the parties at the time of the end of the Battle of Kadesh, and this Treaty is the first peace treaty was signed in history, Egypt has turned into a major force then, a great empire sprawling.

The kings of the modern state during the victory celebrations are granting decorations and medals and titles in addition to many donations and bonuses to the soldiers and officers who Atvnon in battles so show how much courage and bravery in the battlefield that they be fighting in defense of their state.


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