Modus operandi of onion Makraml

Modus operandi of onion Makraml


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  • 3.1 components
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Onion Almakraml

Onion in nature contains a large proportion of sugar, caramel is a cooking slow sugar turns into the so-called Caramelized, and if we want to Nkerml onions all we have to do is cook the onion, cut into thin slices in a small amount of olive oil on low heat for a long period of time to become the color of brown onions to produce a wonderful taste of a simple component such as onions.


Onions can be used in different ways Almakraml and delicious every time; Casthaddamh authorities or as an addition to the sandwiches, burgers or pizza filler, or Ksalsh pasta, and we will look through our article to some recipes that can be used.

Onions Almakraml with the release of turkey


  • Five tablespoons unsalted butter cool and cut into cubes.
  • ½ cup onion Makraml.
  • Salt, to taste.
  • Cup white vinegar.
  • Kuban turkey broth or chicken.
  • Tablespoon black pepper crushed.
  • Kg of the issuance of turkey cut by desire.
  • Tablespoons olive oil.

How to prepare

  • Place the onion with vinegar in a large skillet over medium heat begins to boil, and then leave it up to half its size for a period of between three to five minutes.
  • Add turkey broth or chicken to the onion and leave it on the fire to be less than the volume of liquid and intensify for a quarter of an hour.
  • Turn off the fire, and then add the butter, black pepper, and continue to stir to melt the butter.
  • Clear cutting turkey with olive oil, and Thblha well with salt and pepper on both sides, and put them on the grill medium temperature, and leave it for five minutes on the first, and turn it over, and then leave it for another five minutes and then place the pieces in the serving plate, sprayed her with a little sauce onions Almakraml with vinegar and broth, and presented with the remaining sauce in a special pot.

Cheese sandwiches with onions Almakraml


  • Three-quarters of a cup of onions Almakraml.
  • Eight slices of bread.
  • A quarter cup of butter at room temperature.
  • Two cups of grated cheddar cheese.

How to prepare

  • Wipe the bread pieces suitable for the amount of butter on both sides.
  • Place the amount of grated cheese on four pieces of bread, and then a layer of onion Almakraml, another layer of cheese.
  • Place the remaining bread on the previous cut pieces, and then put them on the grill until well Athmr bread from both sides, and melt cheese for two or three minutes.


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