Modus operandi of the Grilled Steak Diet

Modus operandi of the Grilled Steak Diet


  • 1 steak
  • 2 Steak meat with vegetables 2.1 components 2.2 vegetables sauteed ingredients 2.3 Preparation
  • 2.1 components
  • 2.2 vegetables sauteed ingredients
  • 2.3 Preparation
  • 3 Steak meat with garlic sauce for orange diet 3.1 components 3.2 Preparation
  • 3.1 components
  • 3.2 Preparation


It is a steak of my favorite meals to many, due to the thrill of taste and ease of preparation, where it can be prepared for lunch or dinner, so that it can be prepared as a plate garnish or main course, featuring a dish steak that can be added to many of the distinctive flavors of it, which makes it taste delicious, it also useful for followers of the diet; Because it does not contain fat, and in this article we will talk about ways to prepare the steak diet followers.

Steak meat with vegetables


  • Section five hundred grams of meat into thin slices.
  • one onion.
  • Half cup of lemon juice.
  • A tablespoon of seasoning meat.
  • A teaspoon of garlic powder.
  • A teaspoon of onion powder.
  • Salt, to taste.
  • A tablespoon of vinegar.
  • A teaspoon of ground rosemary.
  • A tablespoon of vegetable oil.
  • A teaspoon of mustard or recovered.

Vegetables sauteed ingredients

  • Two grains of corn.
  • Two grains of islands.
  • Two grains of squash.

How to prepare

  • Wash well the meat, then Nnqah vinegar, salt, lemon, and then Nthblh mixture of spices mentioned earlier and leave for two hours.
  • Bring a wooden stick, then put the pieces steak, and then Nhmr cut steak on the fire with little oil.
  • Bring a deep pot, and put the water and leave it to boil.
  • Keep vegetables in boiling water and leave for five minutes to mature.
  • After mature vegetables, we will submit for the fire and put them in very cold water.
  • We raise vegetables from the water, and put them salt and black pepper.
  • Bring a dish to offer, and we put the steak and boiled vegetables, and offers.

Steak meat with garlic sauce for orange diet


  • Four pieces of steak meat.
  • A large spoon of black pepper.
  • Three cloves of garlic.
  • Small spoon of salt.
  • Three large tablespoons of vegetable oil.
  • A quarter cup of orange juice.
  • A quarter cup of meat broth.
  • A tablespoon of fresh thyme.

How to prepare

  • Mix salt, black pepper, and garlic in a large bowl, and then put it steak meat and mix well.
  • Bring a frying pan, and put a little oil.
  • Nhmr well steaks on both sides until cooked and become a golden color.
  • Temper temperature and leave it for casual dining for another four minutes.
  • Lift the meat from the fire, and let it cool down a little.
  • Keep in the same pan gravy, orange juice, and mix well until we have made up the sauce.
  • Put a tablespoon of fresh thyme until the sauce and leave it until the sauce becomes heavy.
  • Bring a dish to offer, and we put inside the meat steak and it garlic and orange sauce, and serve.


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